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The company bases its strength on a number of people who have been working in the aesthetic device industry for more than 30 years in research, development, manufacturing, and sales.

Bjarne Asah, CEO
Bjarne Asah has been working within the electro-medical industry since 1982. He has started more than half a dozen successful companies within the field. Medical and Technical advisors have been a major part of Bjarne Asah’s career. For more than 30 years it has lead to great success and several patents have been granted to the companies, most of them made by Bjarne Asah.

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In Asah Medico, the product range focused on dermatology and skin care. The company was developing products within the electro-medical field, with a focus on laser-based equipment for dermatologists and hospital departments.

Dr. Peter Bjerring, Medical Advisory Board
As a medical director, professor, doctor, and specialist in skin diseases, Dr. Bjerring has a long and distinguished career in the field of dermatology and specialises in laser treatment. He graduated as an MD from the University of Aarhus in Denmark and become Board Certified as a Specialist in Dermatology by the Danish National Board of Health.

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He later became head of Dermatology at the Molholm Hospital in Denmark and in 2004 was promoted to CEO and Chief Physician. He has received far-reaching recognition for his contributions to the field of dermatology and skin care. Being knighted by the Queen of Denmark is just one humble example of his achievements.

Gert Høy Jakobsen, Technical Advisory Board
Gert Høy Jakobsen, Master of Science, European Patent Attorney, Member of IEEE, AIPPI and IDA. Besides the education as Master of Science, Mr. Jakobsen also has an education as a Patent Attorney. As such, he has been a key person in all the companies' patents for medical products.

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Mr. Jacobsen has been working as R&D manager and as head of the electronics department in several companies.

This includes experience in the space industry and with laser Doppler. His experience and work in the space satellite industry has given him outstanding knowledge regarding production of ultra-compact, safe, and long-lasting equipment. This has been a great help in the process of developing equipment for consumer industries as these three factors are all critical in the development of a perfect product.

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