Our Mission

Our mission is to provide modular, cost-effective, and high-performance systems based on the latest clinical research and cutting-edge technology.

Unimed develops patented technology and makes it possible for everyone to undergo beauty treatment in a safe and private manner, something that has only been available to those who could afford expensive specialist treatments.

What We Do For The Customer

We offer customers the ultimate level of privacy and freedom. You can treat yourself where you want,when you want.

With Unimed OTC products, it is possible to treat yourself in the privacy of your home in only a few minutes. With just a few times treatments each week, results can be obtained which, in time, are comparable to professional treatment carried out in spas or by medical professionals.

  • Our products are faster and more convenient, without the need for travel or waiting.
  • Our products are cheaper than treatments by dermatologists and thus considered a more affordable investment.
  • Our treatments are done in complete privacy! Complete in your own bathroom whenever you have the time.

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