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Why Nova™ is your best choice of acne clearing?

Based on the latest laser technology and dermatology research, Nova™ Advanced Acne Clearing Device adopts the second to none IBE™ Triple Action Technology (patent pending) and became the lead in this industry. It is clinically proven safe. For more information about IBE™ Triple Action Technology please [click here].

How does Nova™ differ from others?

While others are using blue light only, Nova™ is applying infrared laser light, blue light and e-pulse to treat acne in a comprehensive way. Blue light mainly destroys P. Acne bacteria only on the skin surface. Infrared laser light destroys bacteria on skin surface as well as bacteria up to 2-3 mm underneath skin surface. E-pulse helps to open pores which are clogged by acne bacteria.

How often should I use?

Each blemish needs one 8 second treatment per day.

Can I use Nova™ with other acne removing products at the same time?

Yes. Nova™ does not affect other skincare products.

Can pregnant women use Ydunvie® product?

We have not tested our products on pregnant women therefore we do not recommend pregnant women to use Ydunvie® products. For more details please refer to each product’s instruction manual.

How long will the battery of Nova™ last?

With a full charge, Nova™ will provide treatments to 200-300 blemishes depending on setting.

When should I charge my Nova™?

We recommend you always to store your product in the charging cradle. A yellow LED will flash when the battery level is low. When the yellow LED becomes constantly on, you need to charge the product immediately.

How long is the warranty?

When you purchase from an Ydunvie® authorized dealer, you will automatically get a two-year warranty.

Can Ydunvie product only be used on the face?

We suggest that Ydunvie® products are used only as directed in their user manuals.

Is Ydunvie® waterproofed?

No. Ydunvie® products are not waterproofed. Please keep the device away from water, dampness or debris that may become lodged in the device.

How to clean Nova™?

Proper cleaning for the treatment window is needed. Please refer to the user manual for details.

Is my personal information secured?

Any payments made through our website are protected. The details will not be passed on to third party.

Any other questions?

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing to contact@ydunvie.com. You may go to [here] and fill out the form. We will respond promptly.
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