Munich, Bavaria. Germany March 4, 2015 – “The iF Design Award 2015” was an exciting event for Unimed as we were receiving our first design prize since our startup in spring 2014. The iF award ceremony was held at the BMW exhibition center in Munich and about 2500 people were present. Most of the contestants were from worldwide design companies and then of course all the award winners. The award show is an occasion where you see how other designers are progressing as well as the latest trends within the different categories.

We met with a number of very talented designers and saw a great deal of extremely well designed projects within a number of different categories – a very welcomed input and very inspiring too.

We had the pleasure to meet with some of the world’s most talented designers and the dialog was very intense all evening when different opinions were exchanged.

New designs from other categories were carefully examined and many ideas were being passed on in the conversations.
The evening was very inspiring and will for sure influence future product development and will be a fertile source for new designs in the future.

It was a great honor as well as a tremendous experience for Unimed to be a part of the iF award night in Munich and we are sure that our future designs will make us come back.

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